Video On Demand - Pay Per Minute

Our On Demand Pay Per Minute program allows you to view our entire library of Streaming On Demand movies with one easy purchase. Simply buy the number of minutes that fits your needs and when you find a movie, click the "Watch Now" button and our viewing window will open with playback beginning automatically. It's that simple!

Purchase minutes to view any of our streaming movies:

  • Pay Per Minute packages start as low as 8 cents per minute
  • Stream the movies in our viewing window to your PC for viewing
  • No limit to the number of movies you can view
  • Our system works with both MAC and Windows PCs
  • Stream to your mobile devices, tablets, and other internet connected devices.
  • View the best scenes from your favorite movies
  • Begin viewing movies immediately
  • Buy more minutes at any time

How it works

When you purchase Pay Per Minute time, we'll charge your credit card immediately so you can start viewing our Streaming On Demand movies within moments of purchasing a Pay Per Minute package. As you view our movies, time is be deducted from your total until your minutes have been exhausted or until you purchase more minutes.

Premium Pay Per Minute

Premium PPM allows us to bring you the best adult content from the hottest studios. Depending on the Premium PPM level (2:1 or 3:1), 2 or 3 seconds will be deducted from your Pay Per Minute time for every second watched.

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