2016 Popporn Awards Winners

2016 Popporn Awards - Mia Malkova

You made your voice heard, and we goddamn listened! Presenting your 2016 POPPORN Award winners!


Being Riley Boxcover

Being Riley

Given Riley Reid's sort of unprecedented success (including a recent AVN Performer of the Year win), it's not really any surprise that this movie took our Best Porn Movie category by such a ridiculous landslide (seriously, no other movie even came close). One of the first releases from Tushy, one of the hottest new studios in porn, this flick not only stars Riley Reid in every single goddamn fucking scene, but it also features Riley's very first anal scene and first DP. Both things that we've all been wanting for a long fucking time. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you're really missing out on one of the finest experiences of your whole life.


Riley Reid Headshot

Riley Reid

Again, it's been a fucking hell of a year for this incredible little cum-guzzlin' cutiepie, and POPPORN fans seem to agree. Riley took in over 50% of the votes cast in this category. If that;s not a definition of a motherfucking landslide, we don't low what the fuck is. Between her big AVN win, her surprise first anal scene in Being Riley, and showing up on virtually every porn cover for the past 6 months, it's really no surprise that this big-time banger is taking home this award.


Abella Danger Headshot

Abella Danger

Once again, the POPPORN Awards seem to be mirroring the AVN awards! Abella just happened to take home the coveted AVN Best New Starlet Award mere months ago, and really, guys... it's sort of obvious to see why. Stunning beauty, perfectly perky tits, an ass that won't quit (and an ass that won't quit being assfucked, we should mention)... all of these assets and more make us - and you, apparently - keep coming back over and over to this stunning young starlet. We're expecting good things from her in the future, if her pretty pussy and asshole can handle it!


Veronica Avluv Headshot

Veronica Avluv

Ah, Veronica! Sporting an amaaaaaazing set of tits and a seemingly insatiable appetite for cocks up her puckered asshole, it's easy to see why fans keep sowing back over and over to this superstar MILF slut. She's incredibly gorgeous, she never seems to shy away from even the most extreme penetrations, and - maybe best of all - she squirts like a fucking firehose! You really can't ask for more when you're looking for dripping wet, mature and meaty muff!


Manuel Ferrara Headshot

Manuel Ferrara

Okay, dudes. What the fuck are we supposed to say about this guy? Everyone in the porn world knows his name, has tastes his cum and squeals and swoons over the dude's fucking skills. He's basically a porn legend, and he's already won just about every award that porn gives out... except this one! So congratulations, you handsome French motherfucker! You are now officially the kind of screwing chicks on camera. Enjoy the accolades, friend-o. You've earned 'em.


Blacked Logo


It's been a while since we've seen a porn studio make the kind of impact that we've seen from Blacked. Helmed with immaculate control and detail by veteran director Greg Lansky, Blacked has pretty much been obliterating everything in it's path, which is kind of what we'd expect from a studio based solely on the pussy-wrecking carnage done by porn's biggest and blackest cocks. Nice work, Lasnky!




With a handful of our awards under her belt already, we're thinking of changing things next year so people can skip voting and we can just give this award directly to Mason. Because SHE ALWAYS FUCKING WINS, MAN! Not that we can really argue. There are very few directors in porn that are able to keep their ivies as fresh and exciting as this gifted auteur can. Think about it - how many times can you film a cock going into an asshole and still make it a groundbreaking, cutting-edge event? Pretty many, apparently!


Weekends At Grandpas Boxcover

Weekends At Grandpas

Um, yeah. This one creeps us the fuck out, too. Enough said.


Family Porn Boxcover


Who would have ever thought that such a large percentage of people want to screw people in their own family? We wouldn't have thought it was the case, but month after month after month, we see one bestselling release after another focusing on the joys of sucking your mom's major tits, choking down your stepfather's raging cock or whamming your dick deep inside your sister's ass. This fad has admittedly showed signs of slowing down, but we gotta assume it's gonna get a little bit more intense before things officially flicker out. Honestly, we're predicting that 2016 will push the envelope further. It's probably safe to expect movies with titles like "I gave birth to my own nephew" and "Which Uncle's Cum is This" before all is said and done.





We're honestly not too shocked that our fans and friends, when faced with the conundrum of choosing the most powerful person in the free world, chose POPPORN's old friend Stoya. Showing brains and poise under pressure, Stoya's proven over and over again that she's better suited to lead our country into greatness than any of the current choices we've got before us. All evidence shows that she enjoys standing up for the rights of all kind of underrepresented people and doesn't give a fuck about the consequences of speaking her mind. Both qualities that Americans seem to really treasure. It's also with noting that Trump polled very poorly in this round of voting, landing in second-last place (a mere 15 votes ahead of the troubled fictional jewelry addict Gollum). Which is probably a good thing, because that guy's pretty fuckin' nuts.

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